Information Technology

1. Vendor satisfaction study

Objective: Objective: A top IT service provider wants to conduct the vendor satisfaction study with one of its top performing client.There are few business functions and projects in which vendor is actively engaged with client to provide IT delivery and maintenance related services

Key challenge(s): ): Knowledge about the key performance indicators for delivery satisfaction


  • Step 1- Identify the different segments for which delivery and other functions are to studied to measure the satisfaction
  • Step 2- Create the satisfaction parameters covering major aspects - Requirement analysis, delivery related, trouble shooting and resourcing
  • Step 3- Perform mean score and box analysis on different data segments
  • Step 4- Create the reporting layout for multiple data splits and cumulative attributes
  • Step 5- Identify the critical parameters for satisfaction study and key segments where improvement are needed

2. Data validation of newspaper survey data

Objective: A leading market research company has complied survey data for sale of leading newspaper. Company's internal team would like to validate and tabulated the survey data

Key challenge(s): ): To deal with high no of variables with customized banner for most of the tables


  • Step 1 - Understand the Client survey and its data which need to get validated and tabulated through SPSS
  • Step 2 - Analyzed the data & Questionnaire which generated a looped data with 10,000 variables on number of brands under study
  • Step 3 - Create the validation script customized to individual countries to include all the variables enable scenario checks
  • Step 4 - Generate cross - tabulation decks with more than 800 no of tables for each country
  • Step5: Transform the data in MTD format to enable client to perform other significant analysis on cross tabulation decks
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