Right balance between offline and digital channel is crucial in outlining the marketing strategies.

Today retail industry is constantly evolving more due to extrinsic factors like growing and working youth segment, rising incomes, increased purchasing power and changing consumer preferences. These factors pose major business challenges as Retail Company tries to augment its value chain activities starting from managing online-offline store operations, inventory optimization, product SKU’s rationalization to customer shopping experience.

E2E Business Analytics, reporting and intelligence are configured precisely to make client address these gaps to keep client ahead of the competition. With two- fold advantage from advance data analysis, retail client can improve the margin of a profit center by adopting data driven solutions for different product lines and increase the operational efficiency of cost intensive process from insights gleaned from crunching the data.

We can help you answer important business problems such as

Shoppers related

  • Customer acquisition and retention strategy to increase footfall
  • Customer journey map to understand shopper’s pain points
  • Purchasing trend analysis
  • Consumer behavior study
  • Survey analysis
  • Shopping experience
  • Shopping basket maximization

Product & Pricing

  • Product bundling strategy
  • Customer segmentation
  • In-Store pricing

Channel related

  • Channel effectiveness for operations and marketing activities
  • Demand forecast on the SKU/Product/channel/Group level

Operations related

  • Inventory optimization
  • Store operations
  • Increasing conversion rate
  • Digital Marketing spend analysis
  • Vendor Score card design
  • Store location analysis


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