Brand Manager

This tool is trending in Market research and is one stop shop for visualizing all the brand specific data. It’s a mirror showing real time data in analytical format instantly. 

  • It Shows brand specific data
  • Covers all the important brand related metrics
  • Depicts data in graphical formats
  • Allows combination and comparison of various metrics
  • Excellent for analysis
  • Allows downloading of reports

Brand Manager has almost become a necessity for all research firms as it helps in the following

  • Helps identify the Brand positioning
  • Store/ view data over a time period of years
  • Comparison with other brands
  • Gives real market picture of the brand
  • Helps in analysis of brand situation
  • Real time reporting
  • Instant report preparation

Brand Manager is a Market Research Bible which will help everyone at every step of Market Research right from Project managers to Analysts, Researchers to Managers, End clients to Sales and Marketing officials.Some of the Brand Manager features are:

  • Demographic comparisons
  • Advanced analysis
  • Trend Analysis
  • Saving/ downloading reports
  • Derive Custom Filters
  • Significance difference
  • Multi chart representations
  • Downloading number of reports together in PPT/PDF/XLS

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