A well-designed infographic can help you simplify a complicated subject or turn an otherwise boring subject into a captivating experience. Adding an interactive content like an infographics to your report can be one of the most effective strategies in an overall digital marketing campaign reporting.E2E helps in creating 5 types of visualization categories:

  • Time series
  • Statistical distributions
  • Hierarchies
  • Maps
  • Networking

E2E has experts in creating

  • Static Infographics- are just images, they are easy to repurpose and share. They can be a presented as a story for a research with some key pointers. We can easily use the infographic or parts of it in other collateral, such as your presentations, brochures, or motion graphics. And, since it’s just an image it can be easily posted on websites and social networks without having to link to where it is hosted. This is the format of choice for fixed content that does not need to be readily updated.
  • Dynamic Infographics- are always a captivating communication tool because they are packed with rich stimuli, holding the viewer’s attention throughout. The narrative-based nature of motion graphics also allows us to manage the pace and manner of how the information unfolds providing for a controlled and powerful environment for explaining complex subject matter. Through a combination of animated graphics, illustration the clients can be walked through an explanation or presentation of ideas, while being entertained. It’s a great combination for getting brand-centric messages across and making a connection with the viewer. Motion graphics design is a specialized skill, requires programing and allows for the data to be updated regularly. While printing a motion graphic is not possible, the content is very in-depth.

Infographics can be used for the following:

  • A recruiting tool
  • Presenting survey data
  • Simplifying a complicated concept
  • Presenting as online webinars
  • Comparisons
  • Interesting facts
  • Raise awareness
  • Inform consumers

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