Social Media Research

Social media is Fragmented and largely unstructured Data Source. The data in form of feeds, discussions is collected online through identified key words. These key words are related to the the topic of research.

  • The river of webposts are collected with the help of various tools and supported with collating meaningful data
  • The webpost collected is filtered for reducing the level of noise or irrelevant data from the river of posts
  • E2E helps pick the appropriate qualitative and meaningful views that drive the sentiment and the engagement score
  • Data is picked from Blogs, Forums, Videos, images, Micro media and social media sites
  • E2E has licence of third party tools for social media research
  • E2E follows the LEI Model (Listen, Engage and Interpret model)

Data is analysed across various parameters

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Understanding Brand Sentiment
  • Competition Analysis
  • Identifying Sales Opportunities
  • Generating Business Intelligence
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