Value Added Services

Services like Data Analytics and Business Intelligence help to strengthen and supplement the existing line of products and services which are mostly centered around survey and big data sets.

Need for value added service

At E2E we started value-add services to strengthen and supplement the existing line of products and services which are mostly centered on survey and its data. Many times, we have impressed our esteemed clients with project deliverables, however, at the same time, we felt the need for value add services which can definitely augment the project making the delivered product and services more consumable to the clients.

List of value added services offered

Business reporting

Business Analytics and intelligence

Survey Analytics

Industry served

We offer Value Added Services (VAS) across multiple verticals to cater growing demand in Business analytics and data sciences.

Services are currently available for following verticals:

  • CPG
  • Retail
  • Financial services - Banking and Insurance
  • Healthcare
  • Airline
  • Information technology
  • Telecommunications
  • Travel and transport


Airline, a high cost industry with high fixed costs across its value chain activities, heavily depends on crunching the data and deploying the decision sciences to gain competitive advantage and tackle profitability challenges in the market. Using massive volumes of historical data, airline clients can unearth the valuable insights to manage customer satisfaction, improve underutilized capacity and optimize marketing spend on products and services.

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Financial services - Banking and Insurance

A paradigm shift from traditional banking to customer centric approach is disrupting the financial services industry making the data a key enabler for different transformations and changes in market.

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Retail industry

With advance data analysis, retail client can improve the margin of a profit center by adopting data driven solutions for different product lines and increase the operational efficiency of cost intensive process from insights gleaned from crunching the data.

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Consumer Packaged Goods –CPG

Marked by continuous innovation in products and services, the Consumers Goods and services industry is constantly evolving the demand with different choices to fill in the shopping basket of a mobile active and socially aware customer. With so many brands vying for their pie, now a days, companies are increasingly facing the huge completion in the market.

Using fact-based predictive analytics, CPG client can benefit across different business dimensions- Sales, profit and target customer base.

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