Data augmented supply chain in CPG is instrumental in tackling the marketplace complexities.

Marked by continuous innovation in products and services, the Consumers Goods and services industry is constantly evolving the demand with different choices to fill in the shopping basket of a mobile active and socially aware customer. With so many brands vying for their pie, nowadays, companies are increasingly facing the huge competition in the market.

In this scenario, being important growth strategy, market expansion and market penetration provide much needed impulse and effort to increase ROI of the company. As data continues to grow, the need to utilize the data becomes essential to stay ahead in the competition. Customer preferences analyzed through data driven process will produce quick and accurate business decisions, predict demand trends and help companies to acquire new customer and retain existing ones.

E2E value add services and solutions are designed help you achieve data-driven business decisions and focus on effective product, price, performance and positioning.

We can help you answer important business problems such as:

Market assessment

  • Market sizing and opportunities identification
  • Competition Analysis
  • Market trend analysis – Product category or Brand
  • New Product concept testing
  • Product Demand feasibility
  • Customer segmentation and targeting
  • Market landscape for a product category

Brand related

  • Brand Positioning
  • Driver analysis for brand equity

Product related

  • Product lines optimization for ROI
  • Effective Product Distribution management
  • ROI study on marketing and promotional activities
  • Customer sentiments analysis – Product or brand
  • Customer satisfaction analysis
  • Digital Marketing effectiveness


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