Information Technology

IT industry is the front runner for contributing a variety of products and services to customers.

Supporting cross-functionally multiple developments in various other industries, IT companies act as a source of competitive advantage to numerous players in the market. Driven by customer centric approach and host of disruptive innovations, the IT landscape is the front runner for contributing a variety of products and services to customers. Though the pace of these changes has accelerated in the last few years but the industry itself is going through a major paradigm shift nearly every year. These ever evolving changes pose a huge challenge to the IT organization starting from product issues to technology upgradation and managing multiple changes in product life cycle.

In order to survive in this hyper-competitive environment, companies need to plan for product planners and insights teams that can gauge the evolving consumer mindset from the information and at the same time agile enough to cater for changes. To make sense of all the data and information, business intelligence, analytics and survey techniques could be deployed to harness most of the valuable actionable findings acting as a key drivers for cost and profit improvements.

We can help you answer important business problems such as :

Operation related

  • Process automation
  • Process performance monitoring
  • Reporting framework for process improvement
  • Impact analysis process improvement
  • Extension team viability to increase ROI

Marketing related

  • Gaining insights from Social media data
  • Up-and Cross- selling program analysis
  • Survey analysis

Product related

  • Product performance tracking
  • Cost benefit analysis for product enhancement

Client/Customer experience related

  • Consumer Segmentation
  • Research on competitive landscape
  • Text Mining to analyze Customer Feedback


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