Airlines industry is creating better touch points with customer by aligning its core and allied services.


Airline, a high cost industry with high fixed costs across its value chain activities, heavily depends on crunching the data and deploying the decision sciences to gain competitive advantage and tackle profitability challenges in the market. Using massive volumes of historical data, airline clients can unearth the valuable insights to manage customer satisfaction, improve underutilized capacity and optimize marketing spend on products and services

We can help you answer important business problems such as

Airline operations

  • To understand the scope of automation for valuable information (standard reporting) to enable cross-collaboration among multiple business units

Marketing analytics

  • · Identify the different clusters of customers to be targeted for loyalty and rewards products
  • · Analyze the performance of customer segments by optimizing the messaging content, placement and promotional activities to ensure repeat purchase and reduced customer churn
  • · Create the reporting tool to gauge the brand buzz and customer sentiments considering the multiple data sources

Customer relationship management

  • · Create the customer journey map to identify the key attributes for customer satisfaction
  • · Classify the customer issues from complaint data and determine the average resolution time for categorized issues


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