Anil Sharma
Anil Sharma is responsible for the quality assurance team across the company. Quality is one of the key processes across all the services. Each deliverable from programming to portals to data analysis are assured of quality through his team. Close to a decade of experience in the Quality assurance field of Market Research brings value to the offerings

His team is responsible for test deliverables. He develops plans to ensure quality requirements are met, leads a team to ensure that all deliverables are tested accurately and on time. He is also responsible for training and development of testing teams and testing plans including automating QA processes to cut time and offer the value to clients. He works on best practice sharing with the team to improve the process/productivity, continually looking into how things can be improved, and communicating ideas to the rest of the team.

He holds a degree in Bachelors of Arts from Delhi University.

Jayant Aggarwal
Jayant has more than 12 years of experience in Market Research. He heads the data management and analytical team at E2E. He manages internal & external clients, Responsible for executing & delivering high quality retail/end user/entertainment/healthcare research data solutions to global clients and managing data processing team. His team is responsible for managing all the data related tasks by applying quantitative techniques for data processing, data modelling, data simulation, data visualization, and data optimization.

His specialties are: Strong Analytical skills, command over data processing software's like Quantum, SPSS, Quanvert, QPSMR, Wincross, MR Dimension.

Statistical Exposure: All descriptive & inferential statistics, parametric statistical tests and statistical advanced analysis such as Factor analyses Multivariate Regression, Cluster analysis Logistic Regression. Jayant is an IBM certified SPSS Modeller.

Jayant holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application (PGDCA) and is Bachelor of Arts from Delhi University.

Neeraj Omer
Neeraj has 10+ years of experience in Market Resaerch. Neeraj heads the largest programming team in the company

His primary role is managing client relationship and ensuring that the programming work are executing perfectly and coordinating with the client in the most efficient and effective manner. He is currently responsible for managing few key accounts where he oversees project to meet client requirement and analytics requirement. He has vast experience of working on a number of projects spanning every major sector/industry and knowledge management.

Neeraj holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Science.

Swarn Arora
Swarn has 8 years of experience in the Market Research industry and 1+ years of experience in web designing industry. Swarn heads the R&D team at E2E. His technical expertise in multiple applications is a unique quality which is further being developed in the company

His specialties are: Providing strategic and tactical solutions, exploring new technologies, train team on various skills, optimizing processes and bring team efficiency, managing clients.

Swarn is responsible for establishing Research & Development Team, which covers developing customised solutions for Dashboards, Macro driven processes to cut down labour efforts and increase quality, develop new HTML5 exercises, to understand new applications and softwares and help individual teams with solutions on the same

Swarn holds a degree in Bachelors of Technology from U.P Technical University.

Satender Kumar
Satender has huge experience in Aerospace,Hi- Tech industry and Data sciences industry. He is responsible for managing the research team handling Research requirements, data insights and Big data solutions to the client

His specialties are: Transforming the raw data into actionable insights and consumable recommendations, Handle the business analytics and value added services for multiple projects, Mentoring the team on analytical projects

Satender is responsible for spearheading the Value Added Service team, which is responsible for preparing the analytical frameworks required to analyze the market research data, provide solutions to client on business reporting for survey data, help the team in creating the analytical data models, generate the key findings and insights and discuss these with client.

He holds a Master’s degree in Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) from XLRI business school and Under Graduation in Bachelors of Technology from U.P Technical University.

Vinay Yadav
Vinay is managing client servicing and the project management team. His market research experience, analyticial skills and communication pattern has brought him to be the most sorted account manager

His specialties are : Account management, Account expansion, Competitive research methodology knowledge, infographics design incubation, online portals for both desktop and mobile phones, dashboards, software projects, data analysis, creating business collaterals, logical quality control of the questionnaires(based on project specifications), quality improvement, client and vendor management.

Vinay is Responsible for expanding the client services team, development of project plans, resource allocation, determining trade-offs, and task dependencies.
He is heading the Project Management and Infographics department and his team works constantly to come up with new creative ideas to cater to various clients.

Vinay holds a degree in Bachelors Of Technology from Pune University.